Hilco Streambank understands that our each of our sellers has different needs, and we’ve developed different solutions to accommodate them.

Privately Negotiated Deals


For sellers of larger blocks (generally /17 to /8) Hilco Streambank arranges privately negotiated sales.

  • We work with our sellers to develop a marketing plan.
  • Find buyer(s) that best meet the needs of our client.
  • Assist each of the parties through every step of the transaction.

For more details on the standard IPv4 transaction process and closing procedures, click here. You don’t pay a fee until your sale is closed and all services provided for no additional charge including:

  • Negotiate and draft asset purchase agreements
  • Escrow Services
  • Assist both parties through RIR transfers.

If you are in the market to sell IPv4 space contact us by email or call one of our IPv4 specialists by phone.

Sell My IP Addresses

IPv4 Auctions


Auctions.IPv4.Global provides a streamlined solution for smaller IPv4 address sales (/18 to /24). Hilco Streambank works with sellers to develop a plan for listing their space on our online platform. Auctions.IPv4.Global will reach customers worldwide.

Auctions.IPv4.Global provides two methods for selling IPv4 address blocks:

  • Traditional Auctions:  Live bidding. You set a minimum opening bid price, with incremental bidding until auction ends.
  • “Buy Now” Auctions:. Sellers provide a set price at which registered buyers can purchase their addresses within a fixed timeframe.

Bidding on the IPv4 address blocks is open to registered buyers that sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to having access to the specific block information. While your block will be marketed worldwide, your confidentiality will be preserved.

Simple Process:  At close of auction full payment collected by Hilco Streambank. Funds held in escrow until transfer is complete. Hilco Streambank coordinates the transfer of RIR registration. After transfer is complete, Hilco Streambank releases payment to the Seller.

All services included (including escrow) at no additional charge.

Contact us to sell your space on Auctions.IPv4.Global.



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